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Platforms to earn by staking your cryptocurrencies

These are the top staking platforms for your cryptos to earn passive income in 2022


Earn attractive returns on robust coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, and DAI.
Mode of payments-crypto, bank transfer or credit card 


User friendly platform which allows three primary options for Binance staking are flexible savings, locked savings, and locked staking.

User friendly mobile application for staking. rewards are calculated daily and distributed every seven days on the platform. 


The staking rewards automatically accrue twice a week. And you can unstake your assets at any time with no penalties.


It makes you earn competitive returns on your crypto with BlockFi Interest Accounts (BIA). Assets locked in BIA will accrue monthly compounding rewards starting from the day one.


Allows staking of Algorand and Ethereum. For staking Ether, it needs to be converted to ETH2. Check the FAQs of Bitstamp before staking.



A user friendly staking platform

A non-custodial staking provider.

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