What is Solana Staking?

To better understand ‘Solana Staking’, we first need to understand the concepts of validators and delegators in Solana or PoS blockchain in general.

Validators are the full nodes which can participate in the PoS consensus mechanism and hence verify and add the next block of transactions in the blockchain. Running a validator node requires high throughput computer systems.

A delegator on the other hand is any other node in Solana, which helps one or more validator nodes by giving voting rights.
This is achieved by staking or delegating SOL tokens by delegators to validators.

Staking in Solana refers to the phenomena in which delegator nodes stake SOL at the validator nodes to help them compete against other similar validator nodes for adding the next block in the Solana blockchain. 

The validator earns rewards in SOL if it wins the chance to add the next block in the Solana blockchain. A percentage of this reward is returned to the delegators which delegated their SOL tokens to the validator.

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