Interest in investment in alternative assets, including cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and real estate, has increased recently. Hence, self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (SDIRAs), which enable investors to invest their IRA funds in these alternative assets, are witnessing increased traction. This guide compares two popular SDIRAs “Alto IRA vs iTrustCapital“.

Alto IRA vs iTrustCapital: Summary

FeaturesAlto IRA vs iTrustCapitalAlto IRAVSiTrust Capital
Monthly/Annual FeeZeroVSZero
Transaction Fee1%VS1%
Minimum deposit to open an account$10VS$1000
Wire Transfer Fee$25VSI could not find it clearly mentioned in the iTrustCapital portal
Cryptocurrencies supported200 plus cryptocurrencies through its integration with Coinbase.VS29 different
including Bitcoin,
Ether, Litecoin,
Ripple and more
Type of alternate investments supportedReal estate, Metals,
Commodities, Cryptocurrency,
Private equity lending, Startup lending, Conventional lending, Peer-to-peer lending
VSPhysical gold, physical silver
Cold Storage for cryptocurrenciesCoinbase which is the partner exchange with Alto keeps your cryptocurrencies in either hot or cold storage.VSCoinbase which is the custody partner exchange with iTrustCapital keeps your cryptocurrencies in either hot or cold storage
Insurancea) Cash in Alto IRA FDIC insured up to $ 250,000
b) Coinbase offers a commercial crime policy of up to $320 million and a cybercrime policy of up to $3 million.
VSDigital assets are secured by custodians Fireblocks and Coinbase. Commercial crime policy of up to $320 million.
Minimum deposit needed to open an account$10VS$1000

Alto IRA vs iTrustCapital: Detailed Comparison

Now let us conduct a detailed comparison of the two SDIRAs: Alto IRA and iTrustCapital.

Fees and Charges

The table below gives a complete snapshot of the fees and charges associated with the two SDIRA platforms.

ChargesAlto IRAiTrustCapital
Monthly and Annual FeeZeroZero
Transaction Fee1%1%
Wire Transfer Fee$25Could not find it.
To be checked.
The minimum deposit needed to open an account$10$1000
Alto IRA vs iTrustCapital

Cryptocurrencies supported

Alto IRA

Alto crypto IRA allows you to invest in 200 plus crypto coins through its integration with Coinbase.

Some of the popular crypto coins offered by Alto crypto IRA are:

  • ADA
  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Matic
  • Mana
  • Shiba Inu and more………

Please visit here to check all the cryptocurrencies supported by Alto crypto IRA. In addition to cryptocurrencies, Alto crypto IRA also lets you invest in precious metals like Gold.


29 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple and more.

Types of alternate investments supported

Alto IRA

Alto IRA allows you to invest the funds in your IRA account to alternative investments like startups, farmlands, art, precious metals, and more.

Alto IRA has partners to facilitate these alternative investments.

Some of the notable partners are AcreTrader (Real Estate Investing), AngelList (startups), CapitalEngine (capital markets), FarmTogether (farmlands), and more.


Apart from cryptocurrencies, iTrustCapital allows investing in Gold, Silver, and other precious metals.

Security and Insurance of funds

Alto IRA

Alto IRA has implemented multiple measures to make your cryptocurrencies secure.

Two factor authentication: Alto IRA offers two-factor authentication powered by Authy or Google Authenticator.

Security for cryptocurrencies: In Alto IRA, cryptocurrencies or tokens are bought and sold using Coinbase (when you choose Alto crypto IRA).

Coinbase keeps your digital assets in hot or cold storage.

Insurance: Digital assets with Coinbase are protected by a commercial crime policy of up to $320 million. Furthermore, digital assets with Coinbase are protected by a cybercrime policy of up to $3 million

On the other hand, Alto is the custodian of your assets and funds. You do not directly own your assets and funds. Although Alto claims that your funds and assets are kept separately and are not used in its own operations.


iTrustCapital partners with Coinbase, which offers Coinbase Custody to your digital assets up to $370 million.

Gold and Silver are held at the Royal Canadian Mint and traded on VaultChain, a secure blockchain-distributed ledger.


iTrustCapital crypto IRA gives you the option to stake Polkadot (DOT). Currently, it needs a minimum of 5 DOT to start staking.

At the end of the staking period, which is 90 days, for now, any rewards earned by iTrustCapital by staking your Polkadot, will be distributed among those who chose the option to stake their Polkadot.

Please note that there is no guarantee of staking rewards. Staking rewards are dependent on several factors including the cryptocurrency’s current prices. The reward shown in the user interface is only indicative.

iTrustCapital charges a staking fee of 20%.

However, Alto IRA does not allow staking.

Alto IRA vs iTrustCapital: Pros and Cons

Alto IRA: Pros and Cons


  • 24/7 trading
  • Mere $10 minimum to start your account
  • Supports 200 plus cryptocurrencies and tokens
  • Offers a free concierge service to help walk you through setting up and funding your account.
  • Low fee of only 1% on each transaction


  • New to the industry.
  • Crypto staking is not offered
  • Does not allow direct cryptocurrency transfers from your crypto wallet to your Alto crypto IRA account.

iTrustCapital: Pros and Cons


  • Comparatively lower fees. Only a mere 1% is charged for trading and no monthly or broker fees.
  • 24/7 trading allowed
  • New users are rewarded $100 worth of Bitcoin
  • Cold/offline storage of your digital assets is provided by Coinbase Custody.
  • Good customer service.
  • Free cryptocurrency transfer from other crypto IRA accounts to iTrustCapital IRA account.
  • Offers a mobile application for ios.


  • Minimum $1000 is required to open an account.
  • The number of cryptocurrencies offered to invest in is smaller as compared to other competitors.
  • No interests (like dividends on stocks) are offered on the cryptocurrencies stored in iTrustCapital IRA. Some of the other crypto IRA accounts do offer interests on your cryptocurrencies.

Alto IRA vs iTrustCapital: Conclusion

In conclusion, both the SDIRAs, allow investing in alternative asset classes like cryptocurrencies, real estate, precious metals, startups, and more.

However, they offer a few unique features which make them suitable for different individuals with different requirements.

If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, Alto IRA allows you to choose from a list of 200 cryptocurrencies and tokens at a low rate. However, iTrustCapital also allows staking your cryptocurrencies purchased using your IRA funds.

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