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Are NFTs the future of art?

are nfts the future of art

Are NFTs the future of art?  This guide tries to analyze and foresee the future of arts. Will NFT marketplaces replace the art galleries completely in the coming years? Let us dabble into the topic “Are NFTs the future of…



A new Decentralized Exchange, namely BrightSwap is going to be officially launched in the IEC gaming event in UK from 12th to 14th April, 2022. BrightSwap which is a Solana based Decentralized Exchange will offer cutting edge technologies facilitating buying,…

Best NFT wallet in 2023

best NFT wallets

Introduction The NFT space is booming. NFTs convert real world assets like art, collectibles, texts and even real estate to to digital tokens and store them in blockchains. People are earning in millions by creating (minting) buying, selling and trading…