This guide will conduct 360-degree Rocket dollar reviews. We will start by explaining what Rocket Dollar is, and then move on to review its features, worthiness, and legitimacy.

What is Rocket Dollar

Rocket Dollar is an investment platform or a custodian that helps you to open a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) as well as solo 401(k) accounts. An SDIRA and Solo 401(k), enables you to diversify your retirement funds to alternative investment assets like cryptocurrencies, startups, metals, crowdfunding and real estate.

So basically Rocket Dollar is an investment platform that enables you to invest in alternative, high-growth, yet high-risk investment options like cryptocurrencies, startups and real estate.

It offers the same tax advantages as any other IRA. The amount of investment you put in the Alto crypto IRA is deducted from your annual taxable income (with some limitations to the amount of investment you can make in a year).

What is Self Directed IRA

  • A self-directed IRA (SDIRA) is a form of traditional IRA. It offers the same tax advantages and the same contribution limits as the traditional IRA.

    However, the SDIRA allows you to invest in a broader yet potentially riskier and potentially more rewarding portfolio of financial products, which are not included in the traditional IRA. These potentially riskier and more rewarding financial products include real estate, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and other forms of alternative investments.
  • SDIRA allows you to manage your portfolio, besides being administered by a custodian or trustee
  • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other relatively popular and comparatively safer investments are often the only products kept in regular/traditional IRAs. SDIRAs have a lot more options. You could, invest in real estate, cryptos, precious metals, and other forms of alternative investments.
  • To proceed, you need a qualified IRA custodian that specializes in that type of account or investment. Banks, trust corporations, and other organizations that are approved by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are examples of custodians.

Rocket Dollar reviews

Gauging the goodness of any self-directed IRA depends on a few primary factors:

  • The number of cryptocurrencies and other alternative investments the IRA allows investments to
  • Minimum Account Balance you need to initiate investments
  • Fees involved like transaction fee, maintenance fee and other additional charges
  • Quality of Customer Services
  • Ease of setting up the account and the most important
  • Security of funds in the IRA

A complete review of Rocket Dollar on different parameters is given below.

Rocket Dollar Reviews-A snapshot

Overall Review by BlockchainFundas

1) Minimum funds needed to open and initiate the account: $0

2) Fees:
Setup fee-Flat $360
Monthly Fee-$15

3) Investment Options:

4) Good for self-employed individual investors who wish to diversify their retirement funds to alternative investment options like cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding, startup lending, and real estate.

5) Phone: 855-762-5383

Rocket Dollar reviews by BlockchainFundas

CriteriaRatings (out of 10)Comments if any
8Rocket Dollar allows you to invest your retirement savings into any assets that the IRS allows.

Rocket Dollar allows investment into alternative assets like cryptocurrencies, gold, real estate, private equities, and more, beyond the traditional asset classes like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. BYOD (Bring your own deal) is also allowed.
Fees6Fees are comparatively higher as compared to other players in the market.
InsuranceRequested information on the insurance of funds.
Ratings by BlockchainFundas

Rocket Dollar-Pros and Cons


  • Allows investing your retirement funds into alternative investment options like cryptocurrencies, metals, real estate, etc.
  • Provides a Bring Your Own Deal (BYOD) option that allows you to bring your own investment deal to the table. You can work with the Rocket Dollar team to explore investment options in your deal.
  • Tax differed investment in alternative financial assets like cryptocurrencies
  • Offers both self-directed IRAs as well as solo 401(k)


  • Comparatively higher fees compared to other IRA providers.
  • Not suggested for those who are looking to invest in conventional financial assets like stocks, bonds, etc. This is because contemporary SDIRAs like Alto are available in the market with lower prices.

Ease of use

Rocket Dollar has a number of support and how to articles to help you open an account and start investing in alternative asset classes.

However, it might be a little cumbersome for beginners to understand the asset classes, the processes, and vital things to take care of while investing in alternative financial assets via Rocket Dollar. In that case, Rocket Dollar provides phone and email support to address challenges.

Fees and the minimum amount needed to open an account

The minimum amount needed to open an account: $0

Rocket Dollar offers two subscription models: Silver and Gold for Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) and Solo 401(k).

Gold has all the offerings which are covered in Silver with some added and personalized services.

Rocket Dollar Fees-Silver and Gold
$15 per month maintenance fee
$360 one-time setup fee
$30 per month maintenance fee
$600 one time setup fee
No minimum opening depositAll features offered in Silver
Bring Your Own Deal (BYOD)Expedited services and transfers
Online document storageFour free wire transfers per year
Intuitive dashboard to track investmentsTax filing for Solo 401(k) Form 5500 & 1099-R
Email supportPriority Support

Rollover from traditional IRA accounts

Rollover from old IRA plans are allowed by Rocket Dollar. You can fund your Rocket Dollar account by rollover from your old IRA account. Generally it does not charge any fees for the rollover.

Customer services

Customer support for an existing customer can be found here.

Phone number: 1 855-762-5383
(Phone support available: Monday-Friday: 9:00am-4:30pm (CST))

Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address: Rocket Dollar, Inc.
2028 East Ben White Boulevard Suite 240-4010
Austin, TX 78741

Knowledge base for a variety of information can be found here.

Alternative investment options

Rocket Dollar supports investments in alternative financial products like cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding, startup lending, and real estate. This is beyond the traditional (yet potentially more secure) investment options like stocks, bonds, and ETFs.

Some of the alternative investment options offered by Rocket Dollar are listed below.

  • Real estate
  • Metals
  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Equity crowdfunding
  • Private equity lending
  • Startup lending
  • Conventional lending
  • Peer-to-peer lending

Security and insurance

Rocket Dollar SOC-2 certified company, and continuously updates its systems to comply with best practices to maintain security. Each year Rocket Dollar undergoes a SOC2 Type audit to ensure the highest levels of security standards for data security, availability, confidentiality, integrity, and privacy processes.

Additionally, the company’s custodian is an FDIC-insured bank, which means that cash held in the custodian’s accounts is insured up to $250,000 per depositor.


Should you invest in Rocket Dollar?

You can invest in Rocket Dollar assets if you wish to diversify your retirement funds into high return yet high-risk financial instruments like real estate, cryptocurrencies, startups, sports, farmland, crowdfunds, private equity, and gold.

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