Have you ever thought of a Blockchain Platform which is 20,000 times faster than Ethereum and 43,000 times faster than Bitcoin. Yes it has been made possible with TechPay Chain. This is a blockchain platform that can offer a speed of 300,000 transactions per second with a near zero fixed Gas Fee. Will TechPay crypto or coin will be the next Ether or Solana? Let us explore further in this article.

What is TechPay Crypto Coin

TechPay Coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Techpay Chain, which is the blockchain platform.

The blockchain platform offers a speed of 300,000 transactions per second. This is the fastest blockchain ever developed till now. Prior to this the Bitgert blockchain with its BRISE token offered the fastest blockchain platform with 100,000 transactions per second. Read about Bitgert Blockchain here.

The speed of transaction finality offered by the TechPay Chain is way ahead of the existing leaders like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano. A quick comparison table for features of these blockchain platforms is given below in the following sections.

It uses the Lachesis Protocol for Consensus Mechanism.

The blockchain platform employs Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology.

Three layers of TechPay Crypto Chain

The TechPay Chain offers three technology layers which facilitates achieving high speed with negligible fee transactions.

Core Layer: which processes transactions

Ware Layer: which supports Smart Contracts and other functionalities like node storage

Application Layer: interface for developers to create Dapps

TechPay Crypto
Technology Layers of TechPay Chain

Why TechPay Crypto Coin can be the next Solana or Ether?

TechPay Crypto

Scalability and Speed

Scalability has been one of the most pressing challenges in blockchains. It takes a good amount of time for transactions to get validated and added in the blockchain platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Then came high speed blockchain platforms like Solana and Cardano. But even a faster species of blockchain platforms are already here-TechPay Chain and Bitgert. TechPay Chain is the fastest till date with a capacity of 300,000 transactions per second.

Even the team in TechPay Chain is planning to implement Sharding to further increase the throughput and speed.

Sharding is a method to increase the performance of a system. Data is distributed across multiple servers whereby distributing the workload. Hence with each server processing a part of the total workload the speed of the system as a whole increases.


Till now, the TechPay Chain has created over 4.5 lacs blocks and validated over 2.5 Million transactions, with no failed transaction or reversal till now. This speaks for the reliable and trustworthiness for the performance and scalability of the blockchain platform.

Low Cost

The Gas Fee in the TechPay blockchain platform is also negligible. This is in contradiction to the high Gas fees deducted in blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, etc.

Use Cases

TechPay Chain does not shy away from offering the best use cases like other competitor blockchain platforms.

TechPay Chain is compatible to the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Hence it facilitates the development of Smart Contracts, Dapps and NFTs. Developers are free to use the platform to build Dapps and NFTs.

Owing to the high speed and negligible costs, TechPay Chain has the potential to be the platform of choice for Dapp and NFTs’ development.

It is proposed to be integrated with Metaverse.

Sustainable Blockchain Platform

Energy Utilization is heavily reduced as hashing energy is not required to enter the next block in TechPay Chain.

While some networks allow for transactions to be reversed due to probabilistic finality, such occurrences
are impossible in TechPay’s Network because of its leaderless architecture, making security even

Block Interval of mere 1-Second


TechPay blockchain uses the technology of Blockchain Bridges. It helps TechPay Chain to interoperate with other blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

TechPay Crypto Chain Vs Bitgert vs Solana vs Polygon vs Ethereum vs Bitcoin

Blockchain PlatformTransactions Per Second
Block Finality TimeGas FeeConsensus Mechanism
TechPay Chain300,0001.2 secondsfixed and
Lachesis Protocol
Bitgert100,000negligibleProof of Stake
Ethereumaverage 20 TPS2-6 minutescan go up
to $14 per transaction
Proof of Work
Solanaaround 65,000 TPS13 secondsaverage $0.00025
per transaction
Proof of Stake
Polygonup to 65,000 TPSaround $ 0.0005
to $0.002
Proof of Stake
Cardanoaround 250 TPSProof of Stake
Ripplearound 1500 TPSDistributed Consensus

Which language is used to build Smart Contracts in TechPay Chain?

Scala is used to develop Smart Contracts in TechPay Chain.

Which consensus mechanism is used in TechPay Chain?

The TechPay blockchain platform uses Lachesis Protocol for Consensus Mechanism.

How to buy TechPay Coin or Where to buy TechPay Coin?

TechPay Coin (TPC) is listed on LBank Exchange at 18:00 (UTC+8) on March 11, 2022, to further expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision.

What is the native token of TechPay blockchain platform?

TechPay coin is the native token of TechPay Chain.

What is TechPay Coin speed of verifying transactions?

TechPay Chain (the blockchain platform of TechPay Coin) can verify 300,000 transactions per second. The block finality time of TechPay Chain is 1.2 seconds.

How to buy Techpay Coin in India?

You can buy Techpay Coin (TPC) in the LBANK exchange .

Techpay coin current price in INR?

Check the price here in LBANK exchange.
Or refer to here

Techpay coin price in India?

Check the price here in LBANK exchange.
Or refer to here

What is TechPay Chain?

TechPay Chain is the fastest blockchain platform till now, which can process 300,000 Transactions per second. TechPay Coin (TPC) is the native token of the TechPay Chain.

Official website of TechPay Chain.

The official website of TechPay Chain can be found here.

Who is the founder of TechPay Chain?

Sumit Sharma, Vishal Garg and Vishal Devkota are the founders of TechPay Chain.

When was TechPay Chain launched?

TechPay Chain was launched on 11th March 2022.


As we saw, TechPay crypto is been able to address the most pressing challenges of blockchain platforms like speed, scalability and cost of transactions. It is way ahead to its counterparts like Solana, Cardano, Ethereum and Bitcoin in speed of transactions and block finality time. Add to it the the feature of interoperability, low energy usage and allowing the development of Dapps, Smart Contracts, NFTs and Metaverses.

This makes the TechPay crypto a potential bet to become a major blockchain platform in the coming future.

TechPay Coin (TPC) will be listed on LBank Exchange at 18:00 (UTC+8) on March 11, 2022, to further expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision.

Stay tuned to me for more relevant info on the same.

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