Crypto taxation is a cumbersome, yet essential process, if you are buying, selling or exchanging cryptocurrencies (with some exceptions-check your country’s tax rules). Exchanges, trading platforms, and wallets are not the only crypto-related businesses that require calculating crypto taxes. Others like crypto mining, NFTs are also expected to abide by the tax requirements. But now, it’s unclear how to calculate and pay taxes on this income in different countries. This guide will enlist the 8 Best crypto tax software in 2022 in USA.

We will enlist the crypto tax software and analyze them basis the below given factors.

  1. Does the software support all exchanges, blockchains, and wallets that you need?
  2. How easy is it to import your data?
  3. Does it provide all tax forms that you need?
  4. Does it provide you with a full audit report?
  5. Will you have high quality customer service and be able to invite your tax professional to view your forms?

8 Best Crypto Tax Software in 2022 in USA

Here is the 8 best crypto tax software in 2022 for USA crypto taxation.

CoinLedger previously known as CryptoTrader.Tax

Exclusively started for the United States, eventually started supporting Australian customers and now customers from multiple countries. Affordable and intuitive with a wide spectrum of partners offering free crypto tax calculator.

Key Features

  • Crypto Exchanges and crypto wallets supported: CoinLedger integrates with most of the popular crypto wallets, crypto exchanges and DeFi platforms. It supports most of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Gemini, Celsius, Bittrex, Uphold, Bitstamp, Changelly, etc.
  • Available formats for report downloads: API and CSV. You can download your report in API, CSV formats to be reviewed from your Income Tax Professional.
  • Tax calculation for NFTs and DeFi: Yes
  • Cryptocurrencies supported: 10,000+
  • CoinLedger previously known as CryptoTrader.Tax was founded in 2018. It is one of the earliest software to offer solution to crypto tax reporting/calculation, crypto portfolio management.
  • Official Turbo Tax Partner
  • One can seamlessly furnish a IRS 8949 form, short and long-term sales reports, crypto income reports, international gain/loss reports, and much more.


CoinLedger offers a free subscription for importing all of your cryptocurrency transaction histories into CoinLedger, as well as viewing your net capital gains and losses and keeping track of your investment portfolio. Payment is only needed when you wish to view and download your entire tax report.


Affordable crypto tax software which offers lifetime free tax calculation. Only for report download do you need to buy a plan.

No matter how scattered your transactions have been, how many exchanges you used, or how many wallets you employed. Simply import all your transaction data from all the exchanges in a few clicks to generate your tax-filing report. Koinly provides services including complete portfolio management for all your transactions in multiple exchanges and wallets, tax calculation of all your gains, and relevant report generation like Form 8949, Schedule D for USA, International tax reports.


  • Countries supported: Available in 20 plus countries including USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany and more.
  • Crypto Exchanges supported: Supports 400 plus exchanges including Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex and more.
  • Crypto Wallets supported: 50 plus wallets including Ledger, Uphold, Trezor, Exodus, Metamask, etc. Simply connect your wallets using the public addresses.
  • Cryptocurrencies supported: Over 17000 plus cryptocurrencies supported
  • Available formats for report downloads: API and CSV


Free lifetime access for tax calculation. Only for report generation you need to purchase a plan.


Best for diversified investors and traders as it provides a complete Dashboard of all your trades, first trade, last trade, value of total coins, commodities, currencies and more. Check this.


  • 1,196,000 active users (as per their website)
  • Countries supported: CoinTracking can furnish the tax reports and crypto tax laws for 100 plus countries.
  • Crypto Exchanges supported: 80 plus exchanges including legacy support from closed exchanges. Check here.
  • Crypto Wallets supported: Multiple wallets support including Ledger, Trezor, MyCellium, Exodus
  • Available formats for report downloads: CSV, XLS, PDF, HTML
  • No. of cryptocurrencies supported: Coin trends and prices for 20,843 coins and assets.
  • Starting Price: Free up to 200 transactions
  • You can download its mobile application for Android and IOS here.


The free version supports 200 transactions, like trades, deposits, or withdrawals that you can enter manually or import via CSV files from all major exchanges. Post 200 transactions the paid plan needs to be subscribed to starting at 10.99 USD per month.


ICOs to OTC to Mining, Airdrops, Rewards, Staking and more.


  • Countries supported: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Deutschland, Osterreich, Schweiz
  • Crypto Exchanges supported: 400 plus exchange integrations including Binance, Bitpanda, Kraken, Coinbase and more. Check this.
  • Blockchains supported: Binance chain, Binance Smart Chain, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and more. Check this.
  • Crypto Wallets supported: Over 50 wallets supported including Coinbase, Daedalus, Exouds, Ledger, MetaMask, Mycelium and more. Check this.
  • Available formats for report downloads: API and CSV , XLSX
  • No. of cryptocurrencies supported: 20,000 plus cryptocurrencies tracked
  • DeFi and NFTs support: NFTs support provided
  • Starting Price: Free up to 25 transactions


You can choose a free plan for up to 25 taxable transactions. Beyond this, you will need to choose a paid plan which starts from USD 79 per year.


TokenTax is a global crypto tax software which is mainly recommended for advanced users and businesses. It can calculate as well as file your crypto taxes. It is recommended for all big, small and complex crypto tax calculation and reporting. Unlike other crypto tax software, which are portfolio trackers, TokenTax was built as a tax accounting software which is well reflected in their tools like Tax Loss Harvesting Dashboard and Minimization accounting method.


  • Countries supported: Global crypto tax software
  • Crypto Exchanges supported: Supports almost every exchange. It integrates automatically with exchanges to gatehr your data.
  • TokenTax calculates as well as files your crypto taxes.
  • It provides tax loss harvesting.
  • Crypto Wallets supported: Almost all crypto wallets.
  • DeFi and NFTs support: Both DeFi and NFTs support
  • Starting Price: USD 65


The basic plan for TokenTax starts with USD 65 per tax year, which supports up to 500 transactions, but only for Coinbase and Coinbase Pro exchanges. The consecutive higher subscription plans support 5000 transactions for USD 199 per tax year, 20,000 transactions for USD 799 per tax year and 30,000 transactions for USD 3499 per tax year.


A global crypto tax software that is able to furnish all your crypto transactions across most of the available crypto exchanges and wallets into a readable sheet along with producing all the imperative tax forms.


  • Countries supported: Global crypto tax software
  • Tax Forms or Reports provided: Completed IRS Form 8949, completed IRS Form Schedule D, completed IRS Form FBAR
  • Crypto Exchanges supported: 400+ exchanges, including 100+ DeFi protocols, and 10+ NFT platforms. Check exchange integrations here.
  • Crypto Wallets supported: Multiple wallets supported including Coinbase, Exodus, Ledger, MetaMask, Trust wallet, Mycelium, Trezor, MyEther Wallet and more.
  • Blockchain integrations: 52 blockchain platforms supported including Algorand, Cardano, Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, EOS, Polkadot and more. Check this.
  • Audit Report: Yes ZenLedger provides an excel file and Google sheet of full accounting. It provides full report of all the transactions history across all your wallets and exchanges in an easy-to-read spreadsheet.
  • Customer Service: Both chat and phone support are provided.
  • No. of cryptocurrencies supported: 7000 token types
  • DeFi and NFTs support: Yes, DeFi and NFT tax support are provided. Over 100 DeFi platforms supported
  • Starting Price: Zero Dollars for up to 25 transactions


ZenLedger provides a free subscription up to 25 transactions. Subsequent plans start at USD 49.


TaxBit is a free crypto tax software provided your wallet, exchange, DeFi platform or NFT marketplace is part of the TaxBit Network Companies. The TaxBit Network Companies include all the popular crypto bodies. You only need to select a paid plan in case your crypto exchange, wallet, DeFi platform or NFT marketplace is not part of the TaxBit Network Companies.


  • Countries supported: Currenly supporting USA
  • Tax Forms or Reports provided: Completed IRS form 8949, Income Report if applicable.
  • Crypto Exchanges supported: Over 500 crypto exchanges are supported including most of the popular exchanges like Binance, BlockFi, Celsius, Coinbase, FTX US, Gemini, Paxos, and more in the free subscription.
  • Crypto Wallets supported:
  • Blockchain integrations:
  • The format in which data is imported from Exchanges and Wallets: API and CSV
  • Audit Report: Available for PRO members.
  • Customer Service: Email and chat
  • No. of cryptocurrencies supported: Thousands of cryptocurrencies including all the popular ones like Bitcoin, Ether, SOL and more.
  • DeFi and NFTs support: Yes DeFi and NFTs support provided.
  • Starting Price: Zero USD for unlimited transactions


The free plan of Taxbit, as mentioned provides portfolio tracking and tax calculation of unlimited transactions, provided your wallet, exchange, DeFi platform or NFT marketplace is part of the TaxBit Network Companies.

  • The full list of features available as part of the Free plan of TaxBit are (for all supported TaxBit Network companies)

    • Unlimited transactions
    • CSV upload for 400+ digital platforms (including in- and out-of-network)
    • DeFi Tax Engine
    • NFT Tax Engine
    • Current Year 8949
    • Current Year Income Report
    • Ability to view all aggregated transactions within the TaxBit UI



  • Countries supported: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand
  • Tax Forms or Reports provided: Schedule D Form 8949 (US only)
  • Crypto Exchanges supported: Most of the popular crypto exchanges
  • Crypto Wallets supported: Most of the popular crypto wallets
  • Blockchain integrations: Most of the popular blockchain platforms
  • The format in which data is imported from Exchanges and Wallets: APIs or CSV formats
  • Audit Report:
  • Customer Service: Email and Text message, FAQs, Knowledge Base and Video Library. Check this.
  • No. of cryptocurrencies supported: Almost all popular cryptocurrencies
  • DeFi and NFTs support:
  • Starting Price: Zero dollars


BitcoinTaxes offers separate set of prices for individuals, traders and tax professionals. For individuals the free plan covers up to 20 trading transactions and email support. The consecutive higher plans cover up to 1000, 5000 and 10,000 trading transactions.

For traders the pricing starts from USD 139 for up to 50,000 transactions and USD 529 for up to 1 Million transactions. For unlimited transactions you can contact BitcoinTaxes directly to negotiate the pricing.

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