The Bitgert team has launched its own Decentralized launchpad called “BrisePad Launchpad“. It offers the opportunity to invest early in verified and selected blockchain projects on the Bitgert blockchain. Let us check the details further.

What is BrisePad Launchpad?

BrisePad is a Decentralized Launchpad on the Bitgert blockchain platform. It will help in fundraising of innovative and new blockchain and crypto projects in the Bitgert blockchain.

If you do not know what is a Decentralized Launchpad, please read the next section of this guide.

What is a Decentralized Launchpad?

A Decentralized Launchpad is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which helps in raising funds for new and budding blockchain projects.

Any innovative budding blockchain project can approach a DEX for raising funds. The DEX does a proper due diligence of the project and the team.

When the blockchain project passes the set eligibility criteria, the DEX issues IDO tokens to the public for sale. This process is called an Initial DEX Offering (IDO).

People can buy the IDO tokens in exchange of fiat money or major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Now, part of the investment is partly parked in a liquidity pool of the DEX and the rest is used to fund the blockchain project to fruition.

BrisePad Launchpad
How a Decentralized Launchpad works?

Features of BrisePad Launchpad

The BrisePad launchpad lets you participate in the IDO of new, budding, verified and selected blockchain and crypto projects in the Bitgert blockchain. It is good platform for investing early in future leading blockchain projects. Like think of the profit you could have reaped if you had invested in Solana way back in 2020 itself.

BrisePad has the following offerings.

BrisePad Launchpad

As is already mentioned, the BrisePad launchpad

  • Verifies and selects new and innovative crypto projects on the Bitgert blockchain.
  • Fundraises for the selected new blockchain projects by selling Brisepad tokens to the public at an IDO. These Brisepad tokens can be bought at the BrisePad DEX.
  • Supports these new blockchain projects on the Bitgert blockchain by providing marketing and technical support besides fundraising for them.
  • Also henceforth, allows anyone to invest early in new blockchain projects in the Bitgert blockchain.

BrisePad Play to Earn (P2E) game

BrisePad offers a P2E game named Brise War Game, where users can earn Brisepad tokens by participating in a Metaverse game


The Decentralized Exchange allows users to easily swap, stake, farm and add liquidity of any token on Bitgert Chain

Deflationary token

BRISEPAD will benefit from multiple deflationary mechanisms, including burn fees and sell fee redistributions. The main deflationary mechanism adopted is that each sale of the Brisepad token has a fee of 10%. 7.5% of this fee is rewarded to stakers in the Bitgert blockchain. The rest 2.5% is burnt and hence removed from circulation.

Early unstaking is charged with up to 25% exit fee.

Tokenomics Brisepad

Brisepad is the token used in the BrisePad launchpad.

NAME of the token: Brisepad
Tracker: BPAD
Blockchain: Bitgert chain
Token type: BRC20
Total supply: 500,000,000

Brisepad Launchpad
Brisepad Tokenomics

How to buy BrisePad Token?


What is BrisePad?

Brisepad is a decentralized launchpad which verifies, selects, provides marketing and technical support and raises funds for new and innovative projects to be deployed on the Bitgert blockchain.
It allows users to invest early in projects to be deployed on Bitgert.
Bitgert has raised the waves in the crypto space by offering the fastest blockchain platform (100,000 TPS) with near zero Gas Fee. It has the potential to host some of the future leading blockchain projects of the future like the Uniswaps, Aaves and OpenSeas.
Hence, investing early in these projects in the BrisePad Launchpad can reap in huge profits.

How to buy Brisepad (BPAD) tokens?

The BPAD token will be listed in the coming weeks in multiple exchanges and crypto-related platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
The team also plans to invest massively in marketing and promotions to encourage massive adoption of the token.

Final Words

It is quite imminent that the BrisePad launchpad will launch some of the biggest blockchain projects of the future. One of the primary reasons for this is- Bitgert, which will be the hosting blockchain platform for the projects launched on BrisePad.

Bitgert is gaining in popularity by being one of the fastest blockchain platform with near zero gas fee. It is compatible to EVM, which means Dapps of the Ethereum blockchain can also run on the Bitgert. More and more Dapps will be deployed on the Bitgert blockchain owing to the fast speed and near zero Gas fee offered.

Hence, it is possible that majority of the future leading blockchain projects will be deployed on the Bitgert. Consequently, BrisePad gives us the opportunity to invest at the inception on these projects to reap in huge profits.

Disclaimer: This guide is not an investment advice. Please do your proper research before investing.

If you are a serious investor in cryptocurrency space and and want to HODL them for long, use a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor. These wallets store your cryptocurrencies (keys to cryptocurrencies) in an offline environment which is therefore cannot be the victim of an online hack or malware practice.

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