How to buy Bitrise on MetaMask-The Bitrise token has created a stir in the cryptocurrency space. The underlying blockchain platform Bitgert is one of the fastest blockchain platforms till now (nearly 100000 TPS) which also offers near to zero Gas Fee for transactions and Smart Contract developments. In the near future, the blockchain platform Bitgert is expected to witness huge adoptions consequently raising the price of the native Bitrise token.

Hence, it is a good idea to invest and buy Bitrise token early to reap in huge profits. This article will guide us on How to buy Bitrise on MetaMask or How to buy Bitrise token MetaMask. We will buy Bitrise on MetaMask using the Decentralized Exchange PancakeSwap.

The basic idea in “How to buy Bitrise” is to exchange or swap another token like BNB you own with Bitrise token in the Decentralized Exchange-PancakeSwap. Please check the below steps, where we are buying BRISE/Bitrise token by swapping BNB token in PancakeSwap. We

You can also check the steps of “How to buy Bitrise token in Binance Exchangehere.

How to buy Bitrise on MetaMask

Let us check the steps involved in “How to buy Bitrise on MetaMask“.

Step 1: Buy BNB from an exchange

The first step in “How to buy Bitrise on MetaMask” is to own a token which you will swap for the Bitrise token/BRISE token.

For this guide we have taken BNB. Buy BNB from an exchange like Binance

If you want to see the detailed steps of buying BNB from Binance, please refer to this article.

Step 2: Add BNB to the MetaMask wallet

For the purpose of this article (How to buy Bitrise on MetaMask) I will be using the MetaMask wallet. You can even use the Trust Wallet or a Math Wallet.

Add the purchased BNB from the Binance Exchange to the MetaMask wallet.

Step 3: Connect your MetaMask wallet to a Decentralized Exchange

For the purpose of this guide, I am using the Decentralized Exchange-PancakeSwap. Go to PancakeSwap and click on “Connect Wallet”.

How to buy bitrise

Now again go to your MetaMask wallet to connect it with PancakeSwap.

Step 4-Swap BNB for Bitrise token

Now go to CoinMarketCap to copy contract address of Bitrise token

Copy the address shown by the arrow

Now go back to PancakeSwap and go to Trade-> Exchange.

Now we need to swap BNB token with Bitrise/BRISE token.

But you might not see the Bitrise token in the list.

You need to paste the contract address of Bitrise copied from CoinMarketCap to import Bitrise token from Binance Smart Chain. This step is needed to enlist the Bitrise token in PancakeSwap Exchange.

Now confirm SWAP and you will receive Btirise tokens in your MetaMask wallet.

There will be some charges and you will be able to buy the Bitrise token.


Which blockchain the Bitgert token available on?

BRISE is the native utility token of the Bitgert blockchain. BRISE is available on various Decentralized and Centralized exchanges including, KuCoin, PancakeSwap, LBank, BitMart, etc. A complete list of exchanges where the BRISE token can be purchased are given here.

How do I buy Bitgert crypto? Is Bitgert coin a good investment?

Cryptocurrencies are a volatile and subject to market risks. Now to answer the question whether “Bitgert is a good investment or not?”.
In my opinion, going by the vision and future plans of the team and progress made till date, Bitgert can be a good investment.
First it is reportedly the fastest blockchain platform which can process over 100,000 transactions per second. This is way better than the incumbent leaders like Solana (65,000 TPS), Cardano (250 TPS) and Ethereum (14 TPS). Furthermore, it charges almost zero Gas fee for processing transactions, again giving it an edge over the incumbents like Cardano, Solana and Ethereum.
Furthermore, Bitgert is compatible to EVM. This means projects which were running on the Ethereum blockchain can also run on the Bitgert blockchain. This can push developers to choose the Bitgert blockchain over Ethereum owing to higher speed and lower Gas fee offered by Bitgert.
Besides, there are a number of projects in DeFi, NFTs and Web 3.0 being launched on Bitgert. Some of the much hyped projects are Miidas, YoungParrot, BrisePad, Yogo, 4D Twin Maps and more. The pipeline of projects is even bigger.
All of these developments allude that Bitgert will be one of the leading blockchain platforms in the future. It can be the next Solana or even Ethereum.
Read a detailed analysis of the Bitgert here.

Is Bitgert on Coinbase?

Bitgert token-BRISE is not currently on Coinbase. BRISE is available on various Decentralized and Centralized exchanges including, KuCoin, PancakeSwap, LBank, BitMart, etc. A complete list of exchanges where the BRISE token can be purchased are given here.

What is Bitgert cryptocurrency?

BRISE is the native cryptocurrency of the Bitgert blockchain.
Bitgert blockchain developed by the company Bitgert is the second fastest blockchain platform (after TechPay Chain) which charges near zero Gas Fee for transactions and Smart Contracts development.
Blockchain platforms have always had faced the blockchain trilemma of scalability, security and decentralization. The blockchain platforms were able to fulfill only two of the benefits at any given time with respect to scalability, security and decentralization.
Bitgert blockchain has tried to address the blockchain trilemma by offering a blockchain which is scalable, ultra secure and decentralized at the same time.
The Bitgert blockchain
a) can process 100,000 transactions per second
b) has near zero Gas fee
The speed and fee is levels beyond the incumbent leaders like Solana and Polygon.
Bitgert Blockchain was launched in December 2021. The BRISE Dapp wallet was released on 28th October 2021 while the BRISE Staking platform was launched on 7th December 2021.

Is Bitgert crypto available on KuCoin?

Yes. BRISE (Bitgert crypto) is available on various Decentralized and Centralized exchanges including, KuCoin, PancakeSwap, LBank, BitMart, etc. A complete list of exchanges where the BRISE token can be purchased are given here.


The Bitrise token has the potential to become the next Solana or Cardano. In fact it became the top trending coins in USA according to the BitMart Research. The prime reasons for the bullish trajectory of the Bitrise token are its high transaction speed and near zero Gas fee for transactions.

Besides it also offers development of Dapps and NFTs. Going by the plan and the vision been seen, the Bitrise token can become one among the top trending coins besides ADA, Solana, Ethereum and Polkadot.

Although the Bitrise token is still at its nascent stage (only a few months old). It will need to surpass other competitor tokens like Solana, Polkadot, Cardano, Algorand, Bounce in terms of the features being offered and the ease of transfer and swaps.

This article is not an investment advice, rather it shows ” How to buy Bitrise on MetaMask” or “How to buy Bitrise token MetaMask” in addition to mentioning the good things and the things to improve of the Bitrise token. Please do proper research and make your own decision of whether to include Bitrsie token in your crypto investment portfolio or not.

If you are a serious investor in cryptocurrency space and and want to HODL them for long, use a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor. These wallets store your cryptocurrencies (keys to cryptocurrencies) in an offline environment which is therefore cannot be the victim of an online hack or malware practice.

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