TechPay Coin launched on March 11th 2022 with a price of $0.12. Currently, on the day of writing this article the price is at around $0.66 which means TPC has risen by around 450% in the last 10 days. It also witnessed a whopping 625% rise in the interim. What is so special about TPC? Is TechPay Coin a good investment? Or is it another meme coin? What is the probable future of TPC? Let us explore.

First let us explore what makes TPC so unique and what are the positive points of the TPC.

Let me tell you first that TPC is not a meme coin. There are valid and essential use cases of the supporting blockchain, i.e. TechPay Chain. In fact TechPay Chain is the fastest blockchain till date.

Lets get onto with the positive points of TechPay Chain and its governance token, that is TechPay Coin (TPC).

Is TechPay coin a good investment-Positive points


First of all, let us try and understand what ‘Scalability’ actually refers to.

Scalability of a blockchain platform (or any other system) refers to the overall throughput in terms of its speed of executing transactions, the number of users it can accommodate and the volume of data it can store and process.

Scalability of blockchain platforms have always been inferior to their Centralized legacy systems. A classic example will be of the Bitcoin and Visa. While Visa can process thousands of transactions per second (TPS), Bitcoin can only process 4-7 transactions per second (TPS).

Scalability has been one of the most pressing challenges in blockchains. It takes a good amount of time for transactions to get validated and added in the blockchain platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

TechPay Chain offers to address the Scalability issue in one of the best possible manners until now. It offers a speed of 300,000 transactions per second and an average block finality time of 1.2 seconds. This makes TechPay Chain the fastest blockchain platform till date.

Blockchain PlatformTransactions Per Second (TPS)Block Finality Time
Bitcoin7 TPS30-60 minutes
Ethereum15 TPS2-6 minutes
Solana65,000 TPS7 seconds
Bitgert100,000 TPS
TechPay Chain300,000 TPS1.2 seconds
Throughput comparisons of TechPay Chain with other Blockchain Platforms

The Scalability in TechPay Chain is achieved by employing the Sirius protocol (Layer 2 solution).

A Layer 2 scaling is a solution employed in blockchain platforms to exponentially increase its speed of executing transactions. The basic idea is to attach an additional blockchain network atop the main blockchain, which shares the load of transactions, users and data, thereby increasing the speed of the main chain exponentially.

Even the team in TechPay Chain is planning to implement Sharding to further increase the throughput and speed.

Sharding is a method to increase the performance of a system. Data is distributed across multiple servers whereby distributing the workload. Hence with each server processing a part of the total workload the speed of the system as a whole increases.


Low Cost

The Gas Fee in the TechPay blockchain platform is also negligible. This is in contradiction to the high Gas fees deducted in blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, etc.

Blockchain PlatformGas Fees
Ethereumcan even go up to $14 per transaction
Solanaaverage $0.00025 per
Polygonaround $0.0005 to $0.002
Bitgert (Bitrise)negligible
TechPay Chainfixed and negligible fee
TechPay Chain Gas Fee

Use Cases

TechPay Chain does not shy away from offering the best use cases like other competitor blockchain platforms.

TechPay Chain is compatible to the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Hence it facilitates the development of Smart Contracts, Dapps and NFTs.

Owing to the high speed and negligible costs, TechPay Chain has the potential to be the platform of choice for Dapp and NFTs’ development. The lightning speed of execution of transactions and negligible Gas fee will most likely make TechPay Chain the platform of choice for Dapp developers, NFTs developers and even Metaverse in the future.

It is proposed to be integrated with Metaverse.

Sustainable Blockchain Platform

Energy Utilization is heavily reduced as hashing energy is not required to enter the next block in TechPay Chain.

While some networks allow for transactions to be reversed due to probabilistic finality, such occurrences
are impossible in TechPay’s Network because of its leaderless architecture, making security even

Block Interval of mere 1-Second

EVM Compatible

As mentioned, the TechPay Chain is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This means that the Smart Contracts and Dapps that run on EVM can also run on the TechPay Chain. Owing to the high Gas Fees and very slow speed of the Ethereum, developers can easily transition to the TechPay Chain.


TechPay blockchain uses the technology of Blockchain Bridges. It helps TechPay Chain to interoperate with other blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Is TechPay coin a good investment-Points to Ponder or Negative Points

Now let us also consider some of the pointers which we should keep in mind while adopting and investing in the TechPay Coin (TPC)

TechPay Chain is still at its nascent stage and there is a path full of hurdles that it will need to triumph. We still need to check the mettle of TPC in terms of the success of transactions happening in the chain, security it offers, the number of exchanges (centralized and decentralized) it partners with, success with NFTs and new concepts like Metaverse and more.


What is the block explorer for TechPay Chain?

The block explorer for TechPay Chain will let you explore different addresses and transactions happening in the TechPay Chain. Find it here.

What is TechPay Chain and TechPay Coin?

TechPay Chain is a blockchain platform that is 20,000 times faster than Ethereum and 43,000 times faster than Bitcoin. As against the high Gas fees required to execute a transaction in Ethereum, TechPay Chain requires a fraction of a cent as Gas Fee.
TechPay Coin is the underlying governance token of TechPay Chain.

Which consensus protocol does TechPay Chain uses?

TechPay Chain uses Proof of Stake consensus protocol.

Where can I buy TPC?

TPC is listed in the LBANK exchange until now. Hence until now, Techpay Coin (TPC) can only be bought in the LBANK exchange .


At last I would like to say that TPC Coin and the underlying blockchain, i.e. TechPay Chain have got differentiators from the incumbent competitors. It is the fastest and the cheapest (negligible fee) blockchain platform to build your Smart Contracts, NFTs and Dapps.

Certainly, it will remarkably improve the development and transaction implementation experience of users of the decentralized platforms. While decentralized platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum were much inferior to their centralized platforms like Visa in the transaction speed and finality times, TechPay Chain matches the throughput of the centralized platforms. This might take the decentralized platforms into the mainstream and mass adoption. And the pioneer of this mass paradigm shift will be TechPay Chain. Hence, the price will be multifold what it is now.

But we also need to keep in mind that TechPay Chain is still at its nascent stage and there is a path full of hurdles that it will need to triumph. We still need to check the mettle of TPC in terms of the success of transactions happening in the chain, security it offers, the number of exchanges (centralized and decentralized) it partners with, success with NFTs and new concepts like Metaverse and more.

Nevertheless we need to keep a close watch on the developments of the chain and the various milestones it achieves.

TechPay Chain on Twitter

TechPay Website

TechPay Chain WhitePaper

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