This guide is explains the all-in-one cryptocurrency platform-Sphynx Labs crypto, which has recently been launched. The Sphynx Labs crypto platform allows you to perform staking, yield farming, trading and so much more all in the same platform. Let us begin to understand the platform better.

What is Sphynx Labs Crypto?

The Sphynx Labs is a All in One (AIO) DeFi platform built on blockchain. It allows you to perform all the crypto activities like trading, staking, farming, holding of cryptocurrencies and so much more in the same platform. For example, earlier you might be required to visit one site to compare the charts and another to perform trade and so forth. Now all these activities can be managed in the same DeFi platform.

The Sphynx Labs is a cross chain DeFi platform or a DEX. It offers the crypto solutions on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon blockchain and the brand new Bitgert blockchain. New blockchain platforms are added constantly to the list. When you click on any of the options, it’s gonna take you to the respective blockchain.

Multichain Platform-The Sphynx Labs

Sphynx Labs Crypto token

The native utility token of Sphynx Labs is SPHYNX. The token can be purchased at the Sphynx DEX and the DigiFinex.

Sphynx Labs Crypto-Features Offered

The Sphynx Labs is a one stop DeFi platform which offers major crypto solutions like DEX, staking, farming, Charts, NFT staking and a launchpad.

Sphynx Labs Crypto
Sphynx Labs Features

Cross Chain DEX

As mentioned the Sphynx Labs is a cross chain DeFi platform. Hence it supports buying, selling and swapping tokens on multiple chains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Bitgert, Polygon.

Sphynx Labs DEX

You can buy, sell, trade, swap cryptocurrencies. It is one of the first DEX to offer a Stop Loss and Stop-Limit, which eliminates the need for traders to be glued to the trading charts to avoid any major losses.

In February of 2022, the Sphynx Labs crypto partnered with Bitgert. It is now the first and the main swap DEX for BRISE tokens (native tokens of the Bitgert blockchain). Like Uniswap is for Ethereum, Trader Joe for Avalanche, Sphynx Labs will be the main swap for Bitgert.

You can also stake your cryptocurrencies in the built in liquidity pools of the Sphynx Labs to attain percentage interest on the staked crypto.

Sphynx Labs Launchpad

One of the major features of the Sphynx Labs crypto is the launchpad. The launchpad offers to launch budding and innovative blockchain projects.

If you have a project that you want to launch through the Sphynx Labs, you can create a token for your project on the Sphynx Labs and create its presale. The token can then be listed to the Sphynx Labs DEX for sale.

Some of the projects launched on the Sphynx Labs crypto are Miidas, Young Parrot, EVO Finance, Omniaverse, 4D Twin Maps, Numitor.

The link to the Sphynx Labs crypto launchpad is here. To submit your project for launching on the Sphynx Labs launchpad, visit this link.

The Sphynx Labs launchpad is also the right platform for you to check the authenticity and worthiness of new blockchain projects to invest in. The launchpad runs a thorough check and eligibility process before launching any new project. Mostly the project should be Certik certified. The platform entertains only those projects with tokens which have real life utilities (not like a meme coin).

Sphynx Labs Bridge

The bridge will focus on Alt and Stable Coins by connecting the BRC-BSC-ERC, making it easier for investors to go from one network to another. Holders of the Sphynx ERC-20 NFTs “Genesis” will receive passive income from the fees generated by the Ether Bridge.

Sphynx Labs Staking

Sphynx Labs crypto will allow investors to earn high APR passive income by staking in the Liquidity Pools. The Sphynx Labs offers four different staking or liquidity pools


Do not want to farm? That is ok. Just hold 100 SPHYNX tokens and earn rewards in BNB (Binance Coin). 50% of the fees the platform generates are rewarded back to the SPHYNX token holders on a weekly basis.

Besides, if you hold a Genesis Sphynx NFT you will receive Bridge fee rewards. 50% of the accumulating fees will be redistributed to the Genesis NFT holders every week in BNB.

Why BNB? To avoid gas fees

Sphynx lottery

Like the traditional lottery system, the Sphynx Lottery system makes you buy tickets and if lucky win and stack the SPHYNX tokens. Greater is the participation, greater is the prize money.

Sphynx Labs Papyrus Charting

Sphynx Papyrus presents charts and hence allows you to research and place orders for any token on BSC, ETH, Polygon or BITGERT. You can view charts for any token with liquidity in PancakeSwap, Uniswap or SphynxSwap with Sphynx Labs’ charts, including the ability to read vital information such as liquidity, market cap, and order books.

Upcoming projects

There are many upcoming projects or features planned by the Sphynx team. These are:

  • Sphynx Bridge
  • Mobile application
  • Sphynx Wallet
  • Sphynx Pay
  • Sphynx NFT Marketplace
  • Sphynx TV
  • Sphynx Prediction Market


Certainly the Sphynx Labs crypto is one of its kind in the crypto trading and investment space. It is a one stop solution for all the different crypto investing activities be it analyzing the charts, trading, staking, farming, holding, NFTs, launchpad and more. The breadth and depth of issues solved by the DeFi platform are impressive and hence it foresees a leading position in the crypto world in the future.

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