This guide will focus on answering the burning question in the blockchain space-TechPay Coin vs Solana. Which one is a better investment opportunity in 2022? Which will sustain in the future?

Over the past few months, a new token TechPay Coin (TPC) which is the native token of the blockchain platform – TechPay Chain, has raised the storms in the cryptocurrency space. It is touted that it might be a “Solana Killer”. TechPay Chain is the fastest blockchain platform till now (300,000 transactions per second) which charges zero Gas Fee for transactions.

This means developers and other users of the TechPay Chain, have to pay negligible Gas Fee to run transactions or send cryptocurrencies on the TechPay Chain. Add to it, the transactions are processed really fast which is comparable to financial transactions in the CeFi space like that of MasterCard and VISA. But will TechPay Coin be able to challenge Solana’s kingdom? This guide will focus on TechPay Coin vs Solana-highlighting their features, reach, market capitalization, Dapps developed and planned to be developed on them and more.

Finally I will try and give my opinion on the two blockchain platforms.

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Great. Let us now get straight to our prime focus of this article “TechPay Coin vs Solana”.

TechPay Coin vs Solana

Scalability and Fee

Of course, as we already mentioned, TechPay Chain is the faster than Solana. It is in fact the fastest blockchain platform until now.

Furthermore, TechPay Chain charges negligible Gas Fee for any transactions on the platform. This will make it a platform of choice for Dapp and Smart Contract developers.

A quick comparison of the speed of transactions and Gas Fee charged for transactions on some of the popular Blockchain platforms is given below.

Blockchain PlatformTransactions processed
per second (TPS)
Block Finality
Time (seconds)
Gas FeeConsensus Mechanism
TechPay Chain300,0001.2 secondsfixed and negligibleProof of Stake
Solana65,00013 secondsaverage $0.00025
per transaction
Proof of Stake
Ethereum14-202-6 minutescan go up to $14 per
Proof of Work
Bitgert100,0002 secondsnegligibleProof of Stake
Cardano250Proof of Stake
Polygonup to 65,000around $ 0.0005
to $0.002
Proof of Stake
Ripple1500Distributed Consensus
Bitcoin 7Proof of Work
Comparison of scalability and fee of popular Blockchain platforms

Hence, we see that TechPay Chain has an edge over Solana (and also other blockchain platforms), when it comes to scalability and transaction fee.

Smart Contracts and Dapps

As already seen, TechPay Chain offers lightning fast speed and near zero fees for all transactions. Smart Contracts and Dapps can be deployed on TechPay Chain in few seconds with minimal fee. This is faster and cheaper than that incurred for Smart Contract’s deployment in Solana blockchain. Generally, on average it takes 1-2 SOL (SOL current price) to deploy your Smart Contract on Solana.

NFTs and Metaverse

Again, the cost/fees of buying, selling, creating and trading NFTs on blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Solana are high. Contrary to this, the fees incurred in buying, selling, creating and trading NFTs on TechPay Chain is negligible. Furthermore, TechPay Chain is EVM compatible. This means, the NFTs and Smart Contracts which can run on Ethereum, can also be deployed on the TechPay Chain. All these, makes TechPay Chain a favorite choice among the Smart Contracts’ and NFTs’ developers and traders.

Ease of trading

Until now, TechPay Coin (TPC) can only be bought in the LBANK Exchange, with the trading pair USDT. This means you can buy TPC by exchanging USDT for TPC in the LBANK Exchange.

However, SOL (native token of Solana blockchain) can be traded at multiple Centralized and Decentralized exchanges including Binance, FTX, Coinbase, KuCoin, Kraken, and more. There are several options for trading pair including USD, USDT, BTC, EUR, BNB, ETH and more.

Hence, in terms of the ease of trading SOL token of the Solana is much easier to buy and sell than the TechPay coin.

In order to gain a mass adoption and achieve optimal market capitalization, TPC will have to expand its network by tying up with multiple Centralized and Decentralized exchanges.

The Ecosystem of Dapps, NFTs and Metaverses

See, Solana was launched way back in March 2020 while TechPay Chain has launched on 11th March 2022.

So, TechPay Chain is a much newer blockchain platform which has much catching to do in terms of the number of Decentralized Applications(Dapps) deployed on it compared to Solana.

Solana already has over 350 Decentralized Applications which include DEXs, DeFi, GameFi, Wallets, NFTs and more. It has earned the trust of developers over time for Smart Contracts and Dapps deployment. This has increased the utility of Solana. The price of the SOL token which started at $0.04 at the initial seed sale is now hovering at around $99 at the time of writing this article. It even had raised at an ATH of around $204.

Though Solana has faced two outages when the it was not able to cope up with the load on the system. Besides this Solana has managed to win the trust of developers and institutional investors.

TechPay Chain which has just started is yet to pass all these tests yet and win the developers’ and investors’ trust. In a nutshell, whereas Solana has risen to the ranks and is even giving competition to Ethereum, TechPay Chain still has to walk the talk.

Market Capitalization

Again, Solana being the pioneer, has already gained the traction and market capitalization. It is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world in terms of market capitalization and the volume of trade happening per day.

At the time of writing this article, while the market capitalization of Solana is around $$30,216,168,380. The trading volume for Solana is $1,194,935,538 while that of TechPay Coin is $436,212.


TechPay Coin vs Solana-Conclusion

By now we tried to perform a comprehensive end to end comparison of TechPay Chain and Solana.

Please do comment if you want to know some specific details.

We saw that TechPay Chain is surely superior to Solana in terms of its features and capabilities. Techpay Chain tries and solves the blockchain trilemma of decentralization, security and scalability. It is the fastest blockchain platform till now which has recorded a transaction speed of 300,000 transactions per second. Furthermore the transaction fee in TechPay Chain is negligible.

But, Solana is not much inferior in terms of speed to TechPay Chain. It also offers a staggering speed of over 65000 TPS (VISA has a speed of around 40,000 TPS)

When it comes to market traction, trust and the ecosystem of Dapps and partners, Solana is a clear winner. Of course, this is due to Solana being a pioneer. It has gained on popularity and trust over time among developers and investors. It is among the top ten cryptocurrencies in the world in terms of market cap and trading volume.

TechPay Chain on the other hand, which has just launched in March 2022, will have to build the trust and popularity being enjoyed by Solana. Its mettle will be tested with time.

Although I am bullish for TechPay Chain to be among the top blockchain platforms in the coming time.

Till then stay tuned.

I am not a financial advisor . Do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrencies. I am not responsible for any of your losses.


If you are a serious investor in cryptocurrency space and and want to HODL them for long, use a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor. These wallets store your cryptocurrencies (keys to cryptocurrencies) in an offline environment which is therefore cannot be the victim of an online hack or malware practice.

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